중국 신규식품법: 건강기능성식품 규제대응

일자: 2015-08-05
강연자: Mr. Raymond Ng
언어: English
가격: $79
파일: Video, PPT slides, Q&A document


The new Food Safety Law which is regarded as the most rigorous food safety law in Chinese history will come into effect on October 1, 2015. Compared to the Food Safety Law of 2009 version, there are many significant changes regarding health foods, including the combination of registration and filing system. In order to help health food companies better understand the influence of the new Food Safety Law, Reach24h Consulting Group will hold this webinar to analyze the hot points of health foods, which is worth the attention of overseas health food enterprises.


This webinar will focus on the main points as follows:

  • Overview of health food regulatory framework
  • Comparative analysis of the old and new Food Safety Law regarding health foods
  • Interpretation of filing and registration systems
  • Technical difficulties of health food registration and relevant procedures
  • Analysis of health food ingredients catalog


Mr. Raymond Ng

Food regulatory affairs consultant

REACH24H Consulting Group

Mr. Raymond Ng (Msc, BA) obtained Master’s degree from University of Nottingham and has extensive knowledge on Chinese regulations on food products, especially on food import & export. He has vast insight and practical experience in dealing with Chinese food regulatory obligations. 

Q&A Session

To have a better chance of your questions being addressed during the webinar, please send them to food@chemlinked.com in advance. 



Time (GMT+8)



Aug. 5, 2015





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Who should attend?

  • Overseas health food manufacturers and exporters targeting the Chinese market
  • Any food companies concerned with health food regulations at home and abroad

If you have any question about this webinar, please contact us.